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Plants & Planters

A lovely range of traditional and modern plants available in a choice of stunning vases, planters or tea cup planters.

Anthurium Plant

An anthurium house plant presented in a glass bowl...


Bromeliad Plant

A beautiful bromeliad plant in a ceramic pot...


Calla Lily Plant

A calla lily plant potted in a white ceramic pot...


Hyacinth Plant Tea Cup

A lovely hyacinth plant sat in a tea cup...


Lavender & Rose Planter

A planted arrangement in a ceramic pot, plants include lavender, roses, viola, kalenchoe and ivy...


Mixed Plant Tea Cup

A tea cup containing a selection of small plants...


Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

A phalaenopsis orchid plant in a ceramic pot...


Rose Delight Planter

A planted arrangement of roses and ivy in a cream zinc container...


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